7 Facts About Las Vegas Escorts That Will Blow Your Mind

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Las Vegas is a place where you can relax, treat yourself, and do things you wouldn’t think of doing elsewhere. There are many exciting things to do in Las Vegas, including spending time with an Escort. No matter the type of girl you fantasize, you can find her in Vegas. These escorts will blow your mind with these 7 intriguing facts:

1. Being seen with these girls will end up getting you more girls. People admire those who have a beautiful woman on their arm. It is very beneficial to take her out to a social venue and have her show you around the city. Being seen with women is the fastest way for other women to notice you.

2. Las Vegas Escorts make it all about you and your pleasures. Every man has a specific type of woman he enjoys. You can choose brunettes, asians, blondes, petite or mature women; whatever you desire. Escorts work very hard to make that dream you have come true, and dive into any fantasy you can think of.

3. Escorts will not judge you. A fear that all men and women have is “do they actually like me?” When you are with a Las Vegas Escort, you do not need to worry about whether or not they like you. They will try their best to please.

4. Exotic escorts in Vegas are plentiful! Las Vegas is a place that many foreigners travel to. Many escorts are can speak more than one language, and have aesthetically pleasing exotic features that you are sure to love.

5. Escorts are there to make your bachelor party worth the trip. If you are coming to Las Vegas for your bachelor party, you and your friends will want to make it a good time with some beautiful escorts; you can request multiple escorts for all your friends, take them around town, and take them back to the hotel. It will be a wild party!

6. Las Vegas has some of the most outgoing and beautiful escorts in the country. You will be amazed by how passionate and charming they are. They will casually walk up to you at the casino or at the bar and start a conversation.

7. One of the best things about escorts in this area are that they will not rush you. They want you to enjoy a relaxed session and they want you to spread the word about there amazing service.

Overall, spending time with an escort is Las Vegas may be one of the best decisions you make while in this city. They are friendly, patient, and personable. They have a reputation of being the best in the country. The wonderful thing about escorts in Las Vegas is that there are plenty to go around; you can find women of all races, petite or large, young or mature, blonde or brunette, etc. Las Vegas attracts millions of people every year. In order to make your trip stand out from the rest, search for a beautiful and talented woman to hang on your arm!

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10 Hot New Entertainment venues coming to Las Vegas

There are ten new great places that are coming to Vegas to help you have a better time. You get to enjoy these places pretty easily, and you need to put all ten of them on your list when you plan your next visit. Anyone who loves to city will notice that it is changing, and you can try any of these places at any time.

Carson Kitchen And Slotzilla
Downtown Container Park, Carson Kitchen And Slotzilla

These three things are really interesting dining and gaming options that will make your trip that much more fun when you come to Vegas. There are a lot of people who will find a nice place to eat or shop when they go to Container Park, and you can go to Carson Kitchen to get a nice bite to eat. The Slotzilla zip line experience is pretty cool, and it happens right on Fremont Street.

Cromwell, Giada, Drai’s and Guy’s Vegas Kitchen

Guy Fieri and Giada DiLaunrentiis of Food Network have come to Vegas to open their own restaurants, and you can imagine what you will get having seen one of their shows before. These are great new places to eat, and the Drai’s nightclub will help you party the night away in a really sophisticated place that is comfortable. You can stay at the Cromwell in a luxury setting, and you will have a small area here that allows you to get to all these places easily.

High Roller, The Delano, The Pantry and Veranda

The Veranda is a nice new spot that allows you a great view of the city, and you can see the same kinds of great sights when you go to High Roller. You need to get above the city to see all the things that it has to offer, an you can go to the Delano to have a luxury experience that is quieter than other parts of the city. The Pantry will serve you a nice meal, and you will get that nice foodie experience that a lot of people go to Vegas for.

You can find all ten of these places pretty easily when you are going to Vegas, and you can plan your whole trip around going to each place. This means that you will be able to have a nice time in the city going to only brand new places that have gone up in Vegas in 2016.

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Suzy Favor Hamilton’s Story – Behind the Vegas Escort World

Suzy Favor

Suzy Favor Hamilton is an American middle distance runner who has been to the Olympics more than once, but she led a double life for a long time as she worked with Vegas Escorts. She wanted to have a fancy free lifestyle that she did not get when she was training, and she turned to Sin City to get out of her shell when she was not running. You can learn a lot about her and how women need their freedom when you look into her story.

Hamilton’s Choice

Her husband knew about her escort career, and he often did not want her to continue. He know that it would have an effect on their marriage and child, but she has already made the decision to work in the industry. She says that she first started with she was on medication for depression, and she continued because she was on the medication. People may or may not believe her, but it is common for people to make these sorts of decisions when they are on some kind of medication.

Her Change

She had to make a change when a reporter found out about what she was doing and approached her in 2012. She had to admit to everything, but this was a chance for her to say that there is no reason for a woman to be ashamed for the choices that she makes. She was not proud of what she did, but she would stand in front of the world and allow herself to be painted as the bad guy. Suzy is a strong woman who noted that a man would be applauded for sleeping with a lot of women, and she did not want to be the villain just because the American public cannot handle the fact that she has sex appeal.

She did lose some things in her life because of her escort career, but Suzy was up front with the world about the things she had done. It took a lot of courage for her to be honest about what she was doing in Vegas, and it shows how widespread the industry is. Suzy could be anyone, and she was terribly depressed at the time she decided to make this choice in her life. Vegas was at the center of the story, but Suzy’s strength is what we see when we realize she owned up to it.

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Top 5 music performers coming to Las Vegas 2016

Las Vegas is one major city that is known for having a lot of events. A lot of artists perform in one of the greatest cities. This year is no different. The following are five music performers who are currently on tour and will be visiting Las Vegas in 2016.

Celine Dion
Celine Dion

Celine Dion, the singing sensation who has performed hits like “My Heart Will Go On, will be performing at Caesars Palace. During her show, she will be performing 5 of her most enjoyed hits of all time. She will also be performing some songs from other artists. She is making a return after taking some time off to spend with her family. She will be performing until June 4, 2016.
Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Britney Spears performs at Planet Hollywood hits like “Baby One More Time”, and “Toxic” among many other hits that people loved. Her shows consist of plenty of changes in costumes and settings in order to set the mood for each song she is going to perform. She will be performing the “Britney: Piece of Me” show in the Axis Theater. Her performances run from February 13 through February 27, 2016

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is going to have a 20 show performance at the Axis Theater in which she will perform many of her most loved hits from her albums. Among the songs she will perform is “Love Don’t Cost a Thing”. She is going to put a lot of energy in what is called the “Jenny from the Block Party”. The show will run from May 22, 2016 – June 1, 2016.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is another singer who is beloved. She is going to be performing at Caesar’s Palace on a show that runs from June 7. 2016 to June 25, 2016. She will sing many of the favorites as well as perform some never before performed songs. She has a total of 18 songs that have been #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.


Another performer worth checking out is he legendary Santana. He will perform a show called “An Intimate Evening With Santana Greatest Hits.” Carlos Santana has seen a lot of success with many favorite songs for decades. His show runs at the House of Blues for one night on May 18, 2016.

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Big boxing and MMA fights not coming to Las Vegas this year

Boxing fights Las Vegas


There are a lot of fights that are not coming to Las Vegas this year, but you can still keep up with the people that are not going to fight in Vegas. It is a place that has been the home of a lot of good fights, but not all the fights can make their way to the city. You need to keep up with the people that are ready to fight in other places, and you can follow them immediately so you do not miss out.

Connor McGregor says that he is no longer going to fight in Las Vegas. He did the last UFC tilt where he defended his title, and he showed that he is the most dominant person in the sport right now. You may not be aware of who Connor is if you do not follow UFC, but this is the time to check in on him. He is so good that he can say he will never fight in Vegas again, and people will go to watch him.

Ronda Rousey may not come back to Vegas just because she is going to wait to try to get her title back against Holly Holm. There are a lot of people who will miss out on Ronda because she might wait to fight. Vegas does not get all the big UFC fights, and Ronda might have to pull out because she has shown that she has had some problems after her loss. Anyone who was hoping to see her fight needs to make sure they follow her to see if she will fight in the city again.

There are a lot of MMA events that are moving away from Vegas because they are trying to compete against UFC in other places where the UFC is not. Vegas might lose out on some of the fights that it used to get because the circuits want to move around some of their fights to new places where people can travel more. Vegas gets to have some really nice fights in the new year, but the Vegas fight scene might be changing because people like Connor McGregor and Ronda Rousey might not come back.

This means that people will be able to see some good fights in Vegas when Manny  and Canelo come to town, but other people will miss out when some fighters do not come back.

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Las Vegas Top 5 New Must See Places of 2016


The top five places to go in Las Vegas that are new in 2016 are there to help you have a nice time in the city. Las Vegas always has new things opening, and you need to make your way to as many of these places as possible. You can try any of them at any time, and you can make your whole next trip about the best places to go in the city. 

W Hotel
The W Hotel is a nice brand that is in every major city, and it is a sleek look at what a hotel can be. This hotel will be much more sparse than other places in the city, and it will help people have a more quiet time in the city if that is what they want. You can try the W Hotel especially if you have been to one before.
Lucky Dagon Las Vegas
Lucky Dragon
Lucky Dragon is a great place where you can get into a nice Asian theme. The theme will help you get into the mood for Asian style games, and that will make it much easier for you to get the gaming experience that makes you feel like you made your way to the Orient.
Las Vegas Arena
Las Vegas Arena
Las Vegas Arena is a new project that will host concerts, fights and games that will come to the city. The city is working with UNLV to give them a place to play ball, and there are a lot of teams that are going to be able to come to the city to play. You just need to find an event that you can go there, and this will make it much easier for to have some fun in the city.

Avengers And Transformers At Treasure Island
Treasure Island will have two floors that are dedicated to just the Avengers and the Transformers. It is a great place to take the kids, and ti will make your life more fun when you get to enjoy some fun with the kids. 
SPEEDVEGAS is a new track that can run many races in the city. Every circuit has come to the city before, but Las Vegas is opening up new places where you can go to see races. You will likely see stock cars and open wheel cars at the track when they move their races over the track in the future of their schedules.

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